Strategy trading

another weekend, another p/l screen grab from a buoyant trader. I get mixed emotions from seeing these, suspicion, motivation and sometimes a little bit of envy!

Why not publish a little more information about how you got there Mr. Green-up-trader-boom ? Why the secrecy? It’s the equivalent of a child taking a screen picture of completing Donkey Kong, then refusing to let Jonny-next-door how you did it.

Chances are Jonny has a great trick to complete the tricky level of that new game you bought, and guess what – he ain’t sharing now!

I’m amazed by the amount of betting adverts on the telly, and I believe us Brits are the biggest punting nation in Europe. Chances are the method used by the p/l poster is nothing groundbreaking – to be taken seriously we’d need to see posts 12 months minimum.

It’s a big punting pond out there and chances are in relative monetary terms you and I are small fish. Share some knowledge, engage in some conversation and you will discover those with solid information and theory to trade, and those p/l posters with no substance to back it up.

Putting my money where my mouth is, I’ll be giving a good insight into @lebotman methods next time.



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