Sinking at sea.

there comes a time when it all goes wrong, bets lose and the bank struggles to stay afloat, sometimes sinks.

It happened to me at the start of the year and you know what, I was lucky to still be in the game. I was fishing in familiar waters, the problem being I was trying to make my money work too hard and got a little greedy.

It was bound to happen at some point; a down turn, loss of form, bad luck call it what you will, in all aspects of my trading. I had faith in the strategies I ran, but had never encountered a storm like this.

Back on dry land, I realised a simple clerical/bank management problem had risen to the surface. I had withdrawn a significant sum from an excellent January and my staking, based on compounded profits had not factored in withdrawals, it was purely based on P/L.

   ZMy real bank balance is now permanently tied to my staking amount on the excel sheet, but it was a close call – I was unintentionally over staking, a rookie move.

I learned I needed to manage the details better and it proved fruitful in spotting some automation rules that needed tweaking and identifying some experimental ideas that never stood a chance of getting off the ocean floor.


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