MCG pitch Stars/Renegades

Its derby day, the clash of the Melbourne Stars and Renegades teams. I’ll be attempting some analysis/preview from a ground perspective, hopefully it can give you another angle to consider.

I’d like to start by looking at what has been happing in Melbourne general. Specifically, there was a record chase at the Etihad on the 23rd and the most recent encounter between the Renegades and Scorchers on the 30th saw a run chase for the loss of no wickets, a first for the BBL.

A lot was made of the bowling, and it is a drop in pitch so what relevance will it play this evening at the MCG?

Well we are in the same city for a start. Secondly, I place relevance on two comments from players stating the pitch was easier to bat on than expected. The latter comment added the dew factor played a role.

Looking at the forecast for tonight in Melbourne, the wind speed is likely to be 10kmh less and humidity 10% lower, suggesting it may not be as much of a factor.

The dew factor should certainly be considered. We can see another good chase which happened on the 20th when the Thunder chased down 177 at the MCG to win.

In all BBL matches, the MCG has the lowest win % of teams batting first.  I won’t be underestimating the side chasing.


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