Apologies for no real updates recently, a side project offered up recently has taken up a lot of time, and there is the little matter of a growing daughter and family!

I have been trying to sharpen up a few bots this month in the tennis field. I have implemented some excellent data from Tennis ratings that gives me fewer, but stronger entry points. 

The previous automation I wrote had an element of randomness which I modelled on a long term study of certain match situations. 

The new data gives me a better start, on which I can implement the old bot to churn the green. 

Another way I’ve used the bot is when taking a position, say on player A. They may move ahead which is when I have a free shot at the price returning back to the original one. It’s one of my favourite strategies, depending on the staking you can reduce you liability on the original bet, while not reducing the amount you can win.

It’s a fantastic way to build your position in a risk free manner and while increasing turnover to limit premium charge costs should that apply.


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