Back to Lay Cheltenham

It’s so close Ivan almost taste it! I have never been to the main meet, preferring the Paddy Power weekend in November – even then the crowds are massive and it’s tricky to move around. I’m not sure bigger crowds would be my cup of tea.

I digress, today starts the pick of a project I looked at 4 years ago and never really completed – in running back to lay trading.

For anyone unfamiliar with this concept, have a look on the web there are many who can explain the concept. 

For those new to automation and bot creations, the holy grail is something you can leave and will make money in your sleep. 

The issue here is not the method used but the logging of data and results over time. Coupled with that, you are questioning whether a big enough sample has bee taken or whether you have just struck a short term purple patch. The focus steers away from the bot construction and to the actual horse racing itself.

In all honesty, that should have been addressed before any bot manager software program was purchased!!

 I used a data service for a while that tracked in running prices and was able to pin point horses which favour this likely I will re-invest in it for the summer months, where the variants (going, low grade racing, yard gambles, jockey performance) are smaller and true data shines through. It makes sense, a horses running style is often the big factor in making a price contract.

So this weekend I modified a basic set of rules, and created something to get the ball rolling. The road starts here, which is a simple back to lay bot backing horses SP  less than 4.0, greater than 3.0 and laying off in running to return 60% of initial stake.

It’s likely to need tweaking to run properly but I’m hoping to post regular updates here in the lead up to the festival.


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