T20 day 1

Well just like the sporting calendar, i’ve had to adjust my attention slightly next couple of days as things hot up in the cricketing world. Two matches today, the first suitable for the T20 bot I ran, the second ran well but I got stopped out early.

It got me thinking about when to stop, or in other words, when to halt the bot – after all you can’t stay on the merry go round forever! The Scotland match had big swings, and several stops hit after I had hit my £75 green target. This in fact happened during the 1st match, but i decided to run an identical version that stopped once profit hit >£100. You’ll see the ranges are a lot tighter and the green hit relatively fast.

So back to the question, when and how to stop a bot. Several methods I’ve used, weight of money is effective but too fast to be effective, no. matched bets i have used but I’ll be concentrating on time and p/l. With most innings lasting around 90 minutes, i’ll be creating separate groups of rules to identify volatility, along with historical pricing and of course, profit/loss. I’d be happy to spend a little profit on something out of the ordinary, rather than cash i hadn’t won.

As for today, the markets were pretty mental, I’ll put that down to unknown teams, form, predicted run lines and general panic – oddly kind of good conditions for a mathematical program to operate in, perhaps.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 18.07.22.pngScreen Shot 2016-03-08 at 18.07.44.png


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