Weight of Dosh

Being a software man, I’ve always been drawn to user interfaces, after all staring at an excel sheet is pretty dull. A fun project I got involved with last year was an un-released app with an easy to use interface. You assigned a market to the the app, waited until the correct conditions were met and a bet was placed and then traded out for a profit or loss.

Suitable for this time of year, the theme was a hen who over looked the market, when you pressed the hen she laid an egg and the egg rolled up hill if a successful trade and downhill as the market went against the poor bird.

It sounds a bit far fetched, but behind the cartoon was a legitimate bot. The conditions had to enable it to perform adequately in a range of markets, so clothe condition I chose was weight of money.

If weight of money exceeded 80% over a period of time, the selection was laid, and the hen laid her egg. Likewise if WOM <20% then back bet placed.

One requirement was a high strike rate so I used a small offset and when a trade was successful, I chose to delay the graphic so the egg hadn’t reached the top of the hill. Another requirement was to appeal to the fun bettor, and not the addict, so this I guessed might prevent from a user sitting on the app all day.

Looking at the cricket T20 markets today, I remember the poor hen and her slippery eggs. NZ were batting, it was a sticky wicket and it looked like Ross Taylor was about to go. WOM was above 80% and would have proved successful. The risk reward would have been 5/10 tick loss for the boy day and maybe 20/30 for the wicket.

WOM is a fun condition I often pair with others to stabilise a rule, here it can be used standing alone. A lot of the time it react to those watching the action live in the stadium or those with fast pictures.

Happy Easter!!


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