Trade analysis

Time is scarce lately but I’m hoping to cover an important part of what I do. Sometimes I question why i post this stuff, i don’t have anything to sell but aim is to collaborate with other who do. Putting myself out there, heres what happened the other day.

To begin, I have loads of situations, bots, attempts some involving money, some which dont – that fail. Not massively, but it is a little chuck of my time that has disappeared into the ether. Reasearch, that untimately drives me on to find something different, keepos me going on this trail.

I started doing automation to trade a strategy overnight at the aussie open, so its apt that i found a strategy that performed at its optimum this week. The financial figure I made isn’t important, what drives me is the quest for efficiency and risk limitation.

Heres the game:

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 21.53.45.png

Pretty inocuous looking, its a shame the 6/1 spike kind of spoilt things in terms of seeing where the graph went.

The fact it went to a 3rd set, and there were no major movement over 3.0 was ideal for the bot i ran:


I ran a previous post comparing laying 1.61 the field in running during a horse race compared to automating an equivalent a few weeks back. I plan to revisit that, but thing move fast and I am here now.

I feel this bot has performed at it absolute optimum here, which excites me as it gives me sand in which to draw a line; it cannot perform better. I now have fixed odds data to compare it to. What price would i get for 3rd set going to a tie-break? Combination with overs markets, or 3 sets perhaps?

Another angle is analysing the graph, something i am a big fan of, to asses the bots performance as a % in this match alone. I think it did ok considering most stakes were about £30, there may have been a couple of manuals thrown in there as i did trade it live for a period.

A massive variable in its success will be how often this occurs, after all what’s the point in creating something for a one in a blue moon scenario?

Garcia played today, and lost 8-6 breaker in the 3rd, i wasn’t on….;-)



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