World Cup t20

What a fantastic tournament it’s been, not only the fantastic performances but nice to see the smaller nations compete on an even keel.

Aussie women traded around 1.09 and lost, I see a few usual suspects laid this price, in fact it seems a common strategy to back an initial wrong call and ‘double down’. 

To me that’s a clear sign of having no exit strategy on the initial trade, if the plan was always to split stake between prices as they decrease then fair enough. 

I’ll continue this thought process. If you aren’t certain enough to stake full on the opening lay, then you can’t be certain the price will rise before it drops. 

To me that makes no sense and it’s a sign of separately digging out of a hole, one which I have entered on more than one occasion!

In retrospect 1.09 will get talked about, I am not as optimistic about these prices as some. You need a significant amount of time left in the game for it to turn around, and there has  have been a significant error of judgement by the masses. 

In this instance, Australia were dominant in the h2h, for me the pitch played much better that estimated and some power hitting by the WI raised the price. 

You can apply some technical analysis in this situation, make a note of the volume before the price hits, look at the amounts getting matched. More importantly I’d look for some good resistance for a significant time. The market will often hold expecting another wicket

I often like to wait until I see this resistance even if it means laying a tick or so higher, you aren’t trying to catch the falling dagger.

To automate I am a big fan of historical price analysis, if you can do it then volume matched is great too particularly in thin’ish markets.

 Don’t be greedy, I always think of ROI on a trade which is great way of building profit, holding on to reach a target amount above your exit often ends in pain. 

Seeng your profit rise +£30, +£60, +£75 etc is the way to go, slowly building profit rather than holding onto to your initial red figure. Build your inning like those West Indian batsman and reap the rewards.


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