A prequel.

As is the fashion these days, i applied a bit of reverse engineering and decided to blog what i perhaps should have done before my previous post on betting turnover.

For what i do, turn-over is vital, what do i mean? A back bet 2.0 for £100, greening at 1.8 will bring 10% approx each side. I can re-enter that trade at 2.0, choosing to keep my liability the same, or play it safe and just re-invest profits.

It’s quite a complex series of bets, if you decide to maximise the return.

I calculated the idea scenario would be to back for chosen stake, lay at target price, put profit on outsider.

Then repeat trade, choosing to use just profit, or profit plus initial stake.

Sounds good, we will never lose more than the initial liability. I decided to create some sort of calculation thing in excel this week which I’ve posted. I’ve been pretty tired this week but my aim with projects like this when under the weather is to concentrate less on the accuracy but put as much of the design in place as possible. At least i can see what i attempted, re-calculate some of the math – most of the groundwork is there.

Thankfully i have a equine friend who also teaches maths who i hope will benefit from it, and with any luck, correct my tired math calculations. 🙂

Best of luck in the markets, with whatever you do 🙂




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