Taking advice pt.2

Previous blog I spoke about when to start with a tipster, today I’ll talk about when to stop. 

It happens, a service takes a down-turn and people leave. The issue I think is punters confidence in whether a service is genuine and being offered for the right reasons.

If you stop with a service it’s usually through poor choice, it is too easy blame the provider and that’s a cop out. If you do your research which I mentioned last time and stake sensibly then you can calculate how long the lean times will happen.

To throw that on its head, I am sometimes of an opinion to quit a service when the going is good. Taking a previous example, months Jan-May have yielded 100 units, the monthly long term average being 10 units per month. 

There has to be a reason to stop when the going is good. I would certainly consider this if this tipster was a National Hunt specialist, or at least reduce stakes. 

We can stop completely by end of June and do nothing until beginning of December and still achieve our monthly average. This is a target that can be set at the start and it avoids the punters mindset that of over-staking a good thing. 

After all, a good run will not continue for ever, for me bank preservation is key and this tactic, although unconventional can help achieve that. You will watch winners come by, but longer term you will be making a move against the masses.


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