Pull the rod outta the water

I heard a brilliant analogy years ago about trading, akin to fishing in dangerous waters. I’m reminded of it whenever i see Deadliest Catch, the show about deep sea crab fishing; the rewards are great but stay at sea for too long and you increase the chance of getting caught in a storm.

As always i devote some time to analysing what i do, this is a T20 game from the other week. On the surface it looks like some scalping on the Hampshire market with the larger margin being taken on Kent, not a bad result. Of course these are average odds and stakes, in reality my staking would have been £50-£200 per trade

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 16.53.54

Thing is, when you get under the hood, it all starts to get a little murky. The automation functioned as it should, i felt the rules I applied matched my reading of the game. What i noticed is the time of my first and last trade.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 16.55.13

I think the match began about half 7, in total i was in the market for 2 hours out of the 3 odd it lasted – my bank was exposed to varying levels for just over 66% of the match. It seems like a long time, in reality i know my rules don’t allow exposure above 2% of my bank so it’s possible that my p/l sat in profit for the majority of this time.

In reality, i really don’t know – i could have been at -£181 but it is data that needs evaluating – ideally a graphical export per trade.

I may have landed the fish today but in future I’d like to reduce this time and to monitor the timeline of my P/L during the course of the match.






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