Wot no tech

I received some feedback this week on my blog, complaining about the lack of ‘tech’ in my ‘tech’ blog. It’s a fair comment, but in my eyes the markets lead the technology, not the other way around – so that’s what I tend to concentrate on.

In a former life I programmed touch screens for audio visual control systems and I see parallels with the sports trading bot world, in terms of the tools used to create these.

10 years ago I would be editing lines and lines of text code. It would be laborious, complex and training was limited which protected those programming in that field. Over time, it became more graphical, logical and accessible by the end user.

I played around with the new bet Angel update this week and it paints a great picture of how things have moved on. No longer any need to configure API access, create your interface or write the code.

Their signals introduction is fantastic and opens up so much flexibility. I set up a simple back to lay file in an hour that will operate with any SP and fire off the lay bets that I require. I copied the whole set, to fire again once first cycle is complete so in essence I am playing with free money earned.

The ironic this was with 30 rules present and set to increase, I was essentially looking at teams of code again!!

I won’t be able to sell my bet Angel code, so from a business sense it may not be great, but I don’t mind. It’s a fantastic development tool and will be a fresher way to come up with new ideas. It will certainly impact the IR markets as this style of trading becomes more popular.

I see traders love tech for tech’s sake but don’t think it should be the driving force in what you do. The tools are there to create complex rules with ease, to the point where the technology or platform used to create will become transparent over time.


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